Young Lady Gives Her Boyfriend Hefty Slap For Ending Their Relationship (Video)

A no-nonsense lady quickly administered a hefty slap across the face of her boyfriend who tried to quit their relationship in public.

The feuding lovers were seen in a viral video arguing inaudibly in public (the setting looks like a campus) apparently after the guy threatened to sever the relationship, much to the chagrin of the lady.

The young man could be heard blurting out; ”I’m ending this relationship today and there’s nothing you can do to me.”

That was the juncture she grabbed him and landed one hot slap on his cheek for having the effrontery to spew this right to her face.

Meanwhile, a Nigerian lady who lied her way into the social media hall of fame has said she’s not perturbed about the perpetual trolling she’s subjected to.

According to the lady identified as Queen Vivian, all the dragging and trolling she receives on social media has financially upgraded her life and she’s literally counting her blessings right this minute.

Recall Vivian, who can be best described as a slay queen, gained prominence online after claiming that she rejected N250k offered to her by a man who wanted a chance to take her out. Not long after, she also got called out for lying that music producer, Don Jazzy gifted her a new car.

In her words; ”Twitter Dragging helped me upgrade, now I’m counting millions and chilling with the president.”

If Na You Be the Guy What Will You Do?