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Stop Calling It ‘Gap Teeth’ Or ‘Open Teeth, See The Real Name For It

By OfofoLoaded | February 17, 2020 0


I have lots of people who still do this mistake and they actually think its the right english to use when they want to refer to a person with such teeth.

Therefore, when next you see someone with such set of teeth, don’t say ‘you have open/gap teeth’ instead say ‘you have DIASTEMA‘.

Thats the right word for it.

The Yorubas commonly call this open teeth EJI, the Igbos call it EZE-NGBAWARA, hope I’m correct sha, sorry I don’t know the name Hausas call it… Lolzzzz…

In French, it is called “dents du bonheur” which simply means “lucky teeth”.

This expression originated in Napoleon’s time, when the Napoleon army recruited, it was imperative that soldiers had incisors in perfect condition because they had to open their powder mag with the teeth in order to recharge their rifles that they had to hold with their two hands.

All those who had teeth apart were then classified as unfit to fight.

Some men broke their own teeth to avoid going to war.

In many parts of Africa, including my birth country Nigeria, diastemata are regarded as being attractive and a sign of fertility, and some people have even had them created through cosmetic dentistry.

A woman with a natural gap in the middle of her teeth is considered a beautiful being.

When a woman have such, men love to see her smile.

It usually look more attractive and beautiful with women than with men.

So, if you have eji (Gap teeth) consider yourself lucky because many are craving for that and many are living in admiration when they see you smile.

So you ladies with diastema, keep smiling while men keep tripping!.

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