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Why We Should Start Referring To Wizkid, Davido, And Olamide As Legends As We Do 2 Baba And D’Banj (Do You Agree)

By OfofoLoaded | July 7, 2019 0

Without much hype, Wizkid, Davido, and Olamide have shared over 60% attention of the industry between them in the past 6 years. They happen to be the pase setter in the game.

Every up coming artiste in the industry who came in the past 4 to 5 years would wish either WizkidDavido, Or Olamide would be their role models.

Some would wish to have an affiliate with them, some would want them to be on their tracks, and some would just want to be seen with them.

However, below are the reasons why i think we should start referring to WizkidOlamide, and Davido as legends.

Anytime we hear the name of 2 Baba or D’Banj or we stumble upon any of their tracks, we easily reflect on the fact that they are legends. That’s as true as it seems tho.

?  Do you know Wizkid, Davido, and Olamide have featured in more hit tracks than D’banj and 2 Baba? The numbers don’t lie. You probably might be wondering in disagreement with me but can you list 20 hit tracks from them both? I doubt!

?  If Hits are what makes one a legend, Olamide should be atop the list. He already has 3 to 4 hits this year. He has sang more singles than Davido and Wizkid combined but Wizkid and Davido have more audience and music out each than him. Their audiences are far beyond Nigeria.

?  Do you know Wizkid and Davido are more globally recognized than 2 Baba, and D’Banj? D’banj might be the first Nigerian artiste to get a major international feature, 2 Baba might not have as much as him but both Wizkid and Davido have gotten more internation features than them each. And even from more relevant and trending artists

?  Do you know Wizkid and Davido are richer than 2 Baba and D’Banj? Tho Wizkid has made more money from music that Davido as we all know. But you never can compare Davido who is who is the 5th director of a company worth over 6 billion dollar to Wizkid. Did I hear you shout OBO? Yes cause he meant the 30BG he claimed!

?  Olamide has undoubtedly written his name in the list of legends with his ability to be the most consistent artiste in the country. He has never been out of content ever since he gained momentum with his first album RAPSODI7 albums already. Man, M.I is the greatest rapper in the industry tho but he surely is not as flexiblecreative and productive as Baddo!

?  Do you know Davido’s singles “Fall and Fia” has more Youtube Views Than Wizkid’s “SocoBaba Nla, Fever” D’banj’s “Oliver Twist” and 2 Baba‘s “African Queen Combined“? If views are used as criteria, David is the sauce!

?  Do you know Wizkid’s shows sell out faster than any Nigerian artiste. As a matter fact, he gets more order than the ticket and spaces available for potential audiences. The killer point here is that Wizkid has had more international influencesthan any Nigerian artiste.

The likes of Ruggedman, Daddy Showkey, African China, and co have not being of much influence as these dudes but we refer to them all as legends. What is it they’ve done that WizkidDavido and Olamide have not done triple.

However Guys lets not forget the fact that D’Banj and 2 Baba are those who paved the way for these dudes. They have put Nigeria in the map as a whole.

No matter how good we see Those trio, do not forget that they personally refer to D’Banj and 2 Baba as thier Godfather and mentors is the game.

2 Baba and D’Banj have managed to create one type of feeling in the heart of Nigerians such that they don’t have to do things related to musics alone before we remember they are legends. Their lifestyle alone is a guideline to both music and non music lovers.

They trend organically with and without controversy. Without much praise, They deserve to be the legends.

So Guys, as usual we got questions for you below ???

What do you Think D’Banj, And 2 Baba Have done That Wizkid, Davido And Olamide Have Not?

Do You Think Wizkid, Davido, And Olamide Are Truly Worth Calling Legends?

You surely have one or 2 things about this so let’s hear you out

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