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SARS MUST END: Davido Is A Betrayer, Coward And Should Apologize To Nigerian Youth -SEE WHY

By OfofoLoaded | October 12, 2020 0


Some moment ago, Nigerian singer David Adeleke a.k.a. Davido, met IGP Adamu, in his office over the issue of police brutality against civilians.

According to reports, he was accompanied by Nigerian music executive, Ubi Franklin, his manager, Asa Asika, lawyer, and some members of his DMW label.

Wow impressive!

But why would Davido go into a closed door meeting with the Inspector General of Police? As the leader of the nationwide EndSars movement or what? Funny enough, he was disrespected and embarrassed by the IGP. It was supposed to be a CLOSED DOOR meeting as agreed, but it wasn’t so at the end. Well, he brought the insults and embarrassment upon himself.

My concern is, why would Davido go into a closed door meeting with the IGP.

Nigerians have already it clear that we want the dreaded criminals, murderers, kidnappers in police uniform called SARS to be completely disarm and dismiss with immediate effect.

We have said this repeatedly that there is no leader and that any address should be made to everyone, at the same time, in public. So WTH is Davido doing with the IGP. What is he trying to prove. And why is he in Abuja instead of his state Osun or Lagos State where he live. Charity they say, begins at home. Fight for your state of origin first. Why leaving Lagos to Abuja to protest. Anyway, that’s by the way.

Davido is a betrayer and coward. Why is he denying that he never protested when his protest coverages are everywhere. Why is he denying his civil rights and responsibilities as a citizen of this country.

Some people assumed he said that to secure the release of some arrested protesters. But with or without his interception, the arrested protesters are still gonna be released afterwards. So?

Well, I don’t blame Davido. Dude is being careful and diplomatic. Since Peaceful Protest is now a crime in a lawless country as Nigeria. But David should stop challenging Burnaboy from now onwards. Dem nobi mate. I just confirmed his strength and weakness today.

Had it been it’s Burnaboy, he will admit before the IGP that he protested and nothing will happen. DAVIDO should FEM from now on. Na fear fear OBO.?

But on a lighter note, without sentiment and according to Reno, he said and I agreed.

“I just watched the video of Davido with the spokesman of the Nigerian Police, Frank Mba. What I read in the media was pure hyperbole. He was not jittery. Yes, he was diplomatic and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. It is not cowardice. It is wisdom. Even Scripture preaches it. In my opinion, those accusing him of betraying #SARSMUSTEND are not being kind to him. How many celebrities came out to identify with protesters? I don’t want to mention names. Some were even defending FSARS. And then you start to criticise the Davido that risked his life to identify with his fans, just because he applied wisdom. And you expect more celebrities to join us?”.

The above statement by Reno, is correct. Life is wisdom. You don’t do gragra on everything. Reason why I said that Fela Kuti is not a good freedom fighter. He fought senselessly and couldn’t achieve anything till death. I will write more on this tomorrow.

However, Davido should directly or indirectly tender an apology to his fans and Nigerian youth. He fvck up big time based on logistics.

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