”Reduce Your Bleaching Cream” – Fans Advice Dayo Amusa, She Replies (PHOTOS)

Veteran Nigerian actress, Dayo Amusa has been advised by concerned fans to stop bleaching her skin.

This comes after she posted no-makeup photos of herself on her Instagram page where she tried to put the spotlight on how she gets her flawless glowing skin.

She wrote,

I’ve been asked so many times my beauty routine, especially what I use on my Face, giving me my bright flawless glowing skin 

Keep up on this TL as I will be sharing some tips & introducing products used like i always love to Try & Test before attesting

Reacting to this, some fans are of the view Dayo Amusa wants to become a white woman and have advised her to minimize the usage of the bleaching cream.

One follower wrote ;

Dayo reduce your bleaching cream Oooo. You can not white like oyinbo na. Easy Oooo skin cancer Ooo 

The actress then replied ;

Worryless  Problem temi niyen