OMG!! Man Wrongly Accused Of Stealing Phone Killed, Body Thrown Into Lagoon

OMG!! Man Wrongly Accused Of Stealing Phone Killed, Body Thrown Into Lagoon 1

A young man has met his end after he was beaten to death by an angry mob and his corpse thrown into the lagoon for being wrongly accused of stealing a phone.

The sad incident occurred on Monday evening in Badore, Ajah, Lagos and the victim, identified as Olamide Omolede, was only 22-year-old.

According to the reports, there had been a power outage in the community, and the deceased, a tricycle rider, had gone to charge his phone in a nearby store for a fee.

The young man later left for his home, a little while after, an unidentified woman arrived at the house of the deceased, claiming he had stolen her phone where they were charging.

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Hoodlums in the area beat up the deceased to death, hauling his body into a nearby lagoon.

A witness said:-

β€œAfter he eventually died, the thugs threw him into the lagoon. But we, concerned people of the community, paid Egun people to help trace the corpse after we heard of the incident. The corpse was brought out of the river this morning,” he said.

The stolen phone was later found with the son of the woman who had accused Omolede of stealing it.

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However, the police officer in charge of the matter said that proper investigation will be dome and justice delivered.

β€œWe have arrested the woman who accused the victim and some thugs that carried out the act. Some of them are still at large but we will definitely arrest and carry out a proper investigation,” he said.

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