Olamide Badoo Announces New Album titled “UY Scuti 🌟” Sets to Be Released On June 14th

Olamide’s Carpe Diem is less than a year old and Olamide has already announced a new Album. The Album is titled UY Scuti and its set to be released on June 14 ( As announced on his Instagram page).

UY SCUTI is a red hypergiant and pulsating variable star in the constellation Scutum. The largest known star by radius and is one of the most luminous β€œ

UY Scuti was first catalogued in 1860 by German astronomers at the Bonn Observatory, who were completing a survey of stars for the Bonner Durchmusterung Stellar Catalogue. It was designated BD-12Β°5055, the 5,055th star between 12Β°S and 13Β°S counting from 0h right ascension

Pre order is set to beΒ  out soon and it won’t be long before we see the songs and probably the features.