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[A MUST READ] Heartbreak Is The Reason Why Many Nigerians Are Commiting Suicide, Not Depression
By on July 16th, 2019. News

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[A MUST READ] Heartbreak Is The Reason Why Many Nigerians Are Commiting Suicide, Not Depression MP3 Download

Out of all the cases of suicide recorded in this country, almost all is caused by depression, at least that’s what we are been told, but do you know that in this case, depression is just a scapegoat?

like the unlucky student that is always being flocked by the principal for any misfortune caused by the WHOLE class simply because he was caught red-handed.

people are blaming DEPRESSION, meanwhile, the main crime suspect is HEARTBREAK! Yea you heard me.

I’m not saying depression isn’t real, of course, depression is 100% real but Heartbreak is the major cause of suicide in this country.

Our youths don’t know what love is, how to fall in love and how to stay in love.
Even when you want a way out, there’s an approach in order not to hurt the other person so much.

Most can’t even differentiate between mutual friends or feelings, the moment someone starts giving them attention and a little care they conclude its love.

Well, it’s too late and nothing is going to stop us(the youths) from falling in love, but next time you want to fall in love, make sure you define it and always fall with a parachute, life has no duplicate, the pains you’re trying to escape won’t go away, you will only end up transferring it to your family and friends.

Love is sweet, but staying alive is sweeter.


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  1. Anonymous - Jul 16, 2019

    Smh… Doesn’t heartbreak lead to depression before the person commits suicide??
    What do you understand by depression?

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