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A MUST READ : 5 Signs Your Relationship Has A Long-Term Potential

By OfofoLoaded | June 30, 2019 0


The beginning of your relationship may sulk at times and you begin to ask questions like how long is this going to take? Is there future in this? Are we going somewhere?

If you don’t ever have these thoughts, maybe you just want something for a little while. There are some signs you see that could direct you on either leaving the relationship or stay committed.

You Talk About Future Plans

A person that is just here to pass away time or waste your time wouldn’t see the need for making future plans or incorporating you in their plans.

A serious partner reminds you often what the plans for the future look like. When you constantly find yourself and your significant other talking about plans like, what you want to achieve together 10, 20 years from now, the kind of house you want to live in, the number of kids and other future plans, then it is a sign.

You Are Convinced

It is a different case to be in a relationship and your heart is trembling on possibilities of staying together for long. But once you have gotten to a particular level, there are no buts, no ifs, you just click and deep down you know it’s you and your partner for life.

We all have traits we watch out for in a partner, once it is found, then you are convinced. The moment you are ready to accept whatever life throws at you and your partner is also convinced, then there is no point doubting. Conviction from both partners is necessary to give you an indicator that you are in for a long term affair.

You No Longer Have Trust Issues

At the start of a relationship, there is a tendency for you to have trust issues.

Like how do you totally trust this guy/girl from nowhere? You question where they are, who they are with and other less important things.

When you can firmly trust your partner and vice-versa, it is a good step to a lasting relationship. A relationship built on trust has the tendency to grow into something longer than one with trust issues. When you trust someone, you are totally free to give them your information and all that has to do with you.

You get teased about marriage

When you get this tease about marriage often, either from your partner or friends and family, then you should start getting ready to take it all to the altar.

When people see potential in your relationship, they start anticipating your wedding even more than you do. The moment you start getting vibes about marriage, tips for marriage and many mire, then it is a sign to look out for. People wouldn’t tease you if you are not serious or they don’t see potentials. When your friends are already telling you about the do’s and don’ts or you are constantly hearing wedding bells, you are lucky.

You are Completely Yourself

There is no forming, no faking of identity, you are not trying to impress your partner with your look, flaws and many more. The moment you discover you are free to say almost anything like; how you look without makeup, how silly you act, how that dress looks big on you and you can fart when they are around, you are close already.

When you find something you cherish, you become free to do what you desire with it.

These are just few signs out of many others, but if your relationship shows all of these, then you are nothing but lucky. It means you have found the one that will be with you forever, the one you will share the same room, same kitchen, same mind, same bed, common goal and so on. Long term relationships are not for everyone, but some people are just lucky enough to find that person they will stay glued with for a long time.

Which Of These Are You Currently Experiencing In Your Relationship?

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