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Korede Bello Opens Up On Why He Changed His Curly Look To Blond

By OfofoLoaded | July 29, 2020 0


Nigerian artist Korede Bello has finally opened up on why he switched his famous Afro curly look to a dyed low-cut hair with beard.

Korede Bello has been since identified with his Afro curly hair and his baby-face looks. Korede Bello’s curly hair was one of the brands that most people identified him with. The fans of Koredo Bello woke up to a change of looks of the Nigerian artist.

Korede Bello has disclosed that he changed his looks to a low cut with a beard ahead of his new song he was promoting at the time he was relaunching his music career. Korede also disclosed that he needed to have that introspection and recalibrate on how best to kick-start his career again.

“It’s attention. As human beings, we’re all trying to gain attention. Regardless of whatever field you’re in, it’s all about attention. Music, tech, whatever it is. You’re trying to gain attention to what you’re selling. Countries want attention, media, TV want attention, girls want attention, guys want attention. Everybody is trying to get this scarce commodity of attention,” he told Joey Akan.

Another thing I made sure I did was I wanted to separate Korede Bello that people knew, from the Korede Bello that… ‘oh this is Korede Bello. He is this cute and has Jheri curls. One of the consistent imaging that people have of me is the Jheri curls.”

“I’m no longer that young teenager that you used to know, I’m a man now. And I’m a different person. And that is pretty much the reason why I switched it. And yeah, I needed a rebrand but I don’t like to call it a rebrand. I think it’s just…I needed to switch people’s attention. I needed to change the folder that people had of me in their minds” he added.

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