Kiddwaya Publicly Trashes The Idea Of Marrying Erica While Being Together In Sierra Leone

Erica might want to reconsider her thoughts about Kiddwaya since he has declared positively that he will not marry her.

Apparently, his father shared a photo of himself styled in expensive apparel attending a friend’s wedding and captioned it “Going to a wedding, supporting the next generation”

A follower of his reacted to the photo prophecying that he will attend his son’s marriage to Erica in the same fashion.

Well that did not sink in with Kiddwaya as his reply to the lady suggested that he is just using Erica to pass time and will marry a different person.

Reacting to the comment, he wrote;

aunty, calm down”

The two are currently in Sierra Leone partying with stars as guests for the celebration of the end of a reality show in the country.

See image below;