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INTERESTING!!! Nigeria Lady Uses Pawpaw To Show You How To Finger Any Woman And Make Her Cum

By OfofoLoaded | July 27, 2019 0


The first time I got fingered, I was 16 0r 17, can’t remember the exact age ???

but, I remember it was one of the most painful experiences of my life

I used to hate getting fingered until I met this dude, let us call him MR C.

Mr c was a tall, dark, skinny guy in my compound. The day I noticed him, I was coming back home from seeing this man whom I was always on and off with.

I walked into the compound, and MR C looked at me before saying ‘fuck, you are so sexy.’

Anyway, Mr. C was a big talker.

He talked about how he was going to give me the best dick of my life and all that kind of thing.

We finally had sex; it was crappy,

but…his FINGER GAME was tight and I stayed with him because of that. Even if your dick game sucks, you can always compensate for it by using your fingers exceptionally well.

See, there is an art to fingering a girl and making her cum and I will show you

I am officially tired of seeing men make a fool of themselves in the name of fingering somebody.

and I am also tired of hearing complaints from people who are tired of getting bruised in their vagina because men do not know what they are doing

So if you want to Finger a lady…here is what you do.

  • Wash your hands before you begin. Why? Well, to prevent germs and infections. Also, if a girl sees you always do that before diving into her vagina, she will adore you. Trust me

Most men do the barest minimum. if you can do something any man doesn’t do, you automatically get ahead of the game

  • Flatten your fingers before inserting. When a guy wants to finger you, he tends to put his fingers straight. This causes pain and discomfort. The key is to flatten your fingers before inserting it.\
  • Use Only Two fingers. You can’t finger someone with just one finger. It is too small. Two fingers are the right number. Do not use 3
  • Rub in an upward motion. Your woman G spot is located on the upper walls in the vagina. if you can rub the right spot, you would hit the jackpot

If you are confused about how this works, imagine the vagina is a soft fruit, and practice practice practice.

Here is a step by step instruction video. I literally use a Pawpaw to show you how you can Finger her like a professional.

Watch Video below:-

We hope you enjoyed this?

Stay tune for more.

Thank you.

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