Ginimbi Traded his Soul For Money And Was Given Only A Limited Time To Enjoy His Wealth – Former South African Slayqueen Reveals

Retired South African slay queen turned author, Jackie Phamotse has sparked a controversy on social media after she alleged that Ginimbi traded his soul for wealth and died after he failed to hold his part of the deal.

Jackie, who claims to have once lived under the power of darkness made series of tweets explaining the death of the Zimbabwean business mogul as not of a natural cause but appeasement to the power of darkness he belonged to.

According to her, he died as a result of the limited time he was given to live to enjoy his wealth since he couldn’t live up to the task given to him. Speaking of the coffin Ginimbi acquired prior to his death and Moana’s vision of death before it happened in reality, Jackie said it was not a ridiculous act as people think but rather a willful act controlled by the forces behind.

When you trade your soul for money, you are given a time period to enjoy the newfound wealth. However, they take away your family. & pure happiness. Your death will be horrific. You are also given a vision of your death. Wealth rituals are common and require blood.

… When all is said and done, those of the powers that be, the ones who had given the powers, saw that they failed to give them the ultimate sacrifice and because they had already sold their souls. Once you fail in any task in the Kingdom of darkness, you become the sacrifice