Download: Damian Wan – End Everything

Young Nigerians put up a united front and call for an END to not just police brutality and extrajudicial killings this time, but to the entire political ruling class under the guise of the APC and PDP political parties primarily.

Damian Wan, a Nigerian singer/artist who has been on the frontline of the peaceful protests since inception has explicitly described the position of the Nigerian Youth in a song titled β€œEnd Everything”.

After experiencing first hand, the horrors of the Nigerian people and how the ruling class are looting away our future and killing our youths, Damian Wan along with other well meaning young Nigerians are lending their voice tirelessly to put a stop to impunity and salvage what is left of our future.

The message is LOUD, the message is CLEAR. Nigeria will rise again but we must fight for it.