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DOMBEN PEN (Biography)

By OfofoLoaded | March 25, 2023 0


Domben Pen is an Afrobeat artist who was born on November 11, 1994. He was raised in Edo State, Nigeria, where he developed a love for music at a young age. Domben Pen’s passion for music led him to abandon his master’s degree in the Bahçeşehir Cyprus University.

Despite his interest in engineering, Domben Pen never lost sight of his love for music. He spent much of his free time writing his own tracks. In 2012, he caught the attention of IMG Records Limited, who signed him immediately

Domben Pen’s first track, “Fall me,” was released in 2015 and became an instant hit, earning him critical acclaim and a loyal fan base he called Dombenpeners


Afrobeat musician Domben is known for his electrifying performances and soulful music that has captured the hearts of fans all over the world. However, despite his massive success and popularity, there is one aspect of his life that he has managed to keep hidden from the public eye – his relationship status.

Unlike many of his peers in the music industry, Domben has chosen to keep his personal life private, particularly when it comes to matters of the heart. He has never spoken publicly about his relationships, nor has he ever posted about them on social media.

Some fans may find this mysterious, but Domben Pen has made it clear that he prefers to focus on his music and keep his personal life separate. He believes that his music should speak for itself, and that his fans should judge him based on his artistry rather than his personal life.

This approach has not only helped Domben Pen maintain a sense of privacy in his personal life, but it has also allowed him to build a strong and loyal fan base that is solely focused on his music. He understands that as a public figure, his personal life will always be under scrutiny, but he chooses to rise above it and let his music do the talking.


In an age where social media has become a platform for oversharing, Domben Pen decision to keep his personal life private is refreshing. He has shown that it is possible to be successful in the music industry without sacrificing one’s privacy, and that true talent and artistry can speak for themselves.

As his career continues to soar, it remains to be seen whether Domben Pen will ever open up about his personal life. But for now, he is content to let his music be the focus, and his fans couldn’t be happier. While he has gained a considerable following in recent years, his net worth has not been independently verified. Despite the lack of official confirmation, it is clear that Domben has been successful in his career thus far. He has released several popular singles, and performed at numerous sold-out shows.

Below are some of Domben Pen’s songs:

My Lane

Zero hour 




Bless Me



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