DO YOU AGREE? Davido Shouldn’t Have Terminated Lil Frosh Contracts With DMW, But Suspend Him Instead – Nobody Is Perfect.

Davido terminates Lil Frosh contracts with DMW over domestic violence case. Fair or Unfair?

Well, it’s unfair in my own point of view. This uncalculated action by Davido, could bring an end to the music career of the young uprising star Lil. Davido and his DMW crew should have suspended him for at least 6months instead of terminating his contracts and by so doing, ends the kid music journey.

Davido is always quick to anger, that’s one problem I have with him. There’re level of punishment for every offense committed. Maybe they’ve been looking for this opportunity to kick the boy outta the DMW family.

To my very best knowledge, I’ll say this isn’t the best way to go about this matter. There are more ways to punish him than to destroy is career. David Adeleke has his own within him. I hope he deals with his own errors and anger problem just the way he did to Sanni Goriola.

The little man fucked up, yes we know, but this ain’t the best way to punish him. What if the boy start thinking suicide? Lil Frosh is just 22! He is still a kid and doesn’t really know much of what he is doing. He can be talked to and advice and given some other type of punishment but not taking food out his mouth completely.

I hope David and his team look into this matter one more time. –

DO YOU AGREE? Davido Shouldn’t Have Terminated Lil Frosh Contracts With DMW, But Suspended Him Instead – Nobody Is Perfect.

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