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Demane – ‘High n Happy’

By OfofoLoaded | September 29, 2023 0


Demane releases ‘High n Happy’ a captivating feels good song with a blend of Afrobeat and Hip – Hop elements that sets the tone for a musical journey filled with rich textures and dynamic rhythms. The production on this track is nothing short of exceptional, as the lush instrumentation seamlessly weaves together. The rhythm section, characterized by infectious drum patterns and rhythmic basslines, is complemented by intricate melodic layers that create a sense of depth and warmth. The producer; Oluwadamilola Atunbi popularly known from the production duo; ATB SELECTA stamped his mark on the record.

High n Happy exudes emotion and depth, enhancing the lyrical content. The smooth transitions between different musical styles within the song showcases Demane’s ability to deliver melodies that fans would relate to with the concept of the song. The producer; ATB SELECTA ‘Oluwadamilola Atunbi’ was able to merge the diverse elements into a coherent and engaging sonic landscape. The arrangement is well thought out, with each section flowing seamlessly into the next, keeping the listener engaged from start to finish.
The delivery of the drum and string patterns of High n Happy is a testament to ATB SELECTA’s production skills, and it’s evident that every aspect, from the arrangement to the mix, has been meticulously crafted. The result is a song that stands out not only for its genre-blurring appeal but also for its top-tier production quality. “High n Happy” is a testament to the creativity and innovation in modern music, and it will undoubtedly resonate with a broad audience.
The song’s instrumentation is also a highlight, with a rhythmic backbone that is both infectious and danceable. The incorporation of traditional Afrobeat elements, such as guitar sections and percussive grooves, adds a vibrant and authentic touch to the track. The way ATB SELECTA merged these elements with Rhythm and Soul sensibilities and the emotive vocal delivery is commendable.
Demane’s “High n Happy” is an extraordinary Afrobeats gem that transcends musical boundaries. Through his compelling storytelling, exceptional vocal performance, and masterful production by ATB SELECTAS. Demane delivers a song that captures the essence of love’s triumphs and tribulations. This heartfelt Afro-pop track is sure to captivate listeners and establish Demane as a force to be reckoned with in the Nigerian music scene. “High n Happy” is a must-listen, showcasing the immense talent and artistry of Demane.

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