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Checkout The Top 7 Reasons Students Fail (Beware Of Numbers 3 & 4)

By OfofoLoaded | June 12, 2019 0


Today we are focusing on some of the reasons why it’s not advisable to study in  Nigeria…

It’s a very indisputable fact that education in Africa is going worse day by day, while you may find this article funny, you must not forget to reason along the
basic fact that goes behind it.

The reasons are these below:

1. Environment: One of the major problems in educational sector of this country is the environment where these schools are sighted, some of the Universities are the only ones exempted, but right from those primary to secondary schools to some higher institutions, Some of the schools are sited right in the middle of a noisy street, where students can not differentiate whether they are on the road or on the class.

Imagine a class where students are receiving lectures, and at the same time listening to hawkers going round the area. You will all agree with me that only the divine geniuses will scale through in this type of school as the environment will surely affect student psychologically, the dull ones will remain like that.

Some examples of environment palaver which involves many universities is the topography status. the arrangement of the natural and artificial physical features of the school, would you believe that some classes in some Nigerian schools turn to swimming pool whenever rain falls, whereby students have to raise their legs up, this happens in some higher institutions not only in secondary schools.

its either you don’t go to school when it rains or you face the repercussion of stepping in a room of erosional actions. I don’t know how you expect people to pass in this kind of environment.

2. Bully: Bullying according to Wikipedia language means the use of force, threat, or coercion to abuse, intimidate, or aggressively dominate others. This action includes sexual harassment, physical threat, raping and exploitation of students in the campus.

If you look around these schools in Nigeria, the rate at which these “BROTHERS” operate is alarming, 99% of them are cultists that think they have full power to approach anybody to collect their possessions forcefully if they don’t wanna do it willingly. They operate during the day and night and they can do the unthinkable.

They often mob students and threaten not to meet him/her anywhere the school unless they would be dealt with, as a matter of fact a normal person would surely fear them and calculate his life off the calculator but with brain.

Even if you are having lecture the following day and you need to be there, I don’t know how you would concentrate without having the fear of these people seeing you along the line let alone having test or examinations. All higher institutions in Nigeria is pregnant with these kind of people with at least 45% assurance. God save the innocents.

3.Schools’ Marking System: One question I have not been able to answer since my years of being a student is “What is the gain and happiness of these lecturers if someone fails their courses?” Maybe you have the answer, save it for now.

A situation whereby the success breaking point is 40, and you went ahead to check your result and see that they gave you 39, then you have failed the course, and you found yourself wondering like “just one mark?’.

Sincerely its very discouraging, and in another view, the students you all know in class that he’s a regular dullard that cant even draw a circle with the base of a bottle, is one of the students that scores the high grade in every paper.

Hmm, he has found his way because his pocket his always smiling and find it easy to consult those silly lecturers and put something in their pockets, but you that keeps burning candles at night keep scoring 39F because you are such a broke person.

Some loses hope along the line and think western education is not meant for them, I have seen the condition of a friend that quit reading, started looking for money that bribing the lecturers is indeed a faster way to success. As at the time I’m writing this, his life is always full of regrets.

4.Harassment From Lecturers: Shoutout to those female students that find it difficult to open their legs for just anybody not even the lecturers. Many female students of Nigerian universities have been the victim of circumstances, when their lecturers throws a relationship hand to them, it’s almost impossible for any girl to resist it, not because they have interest, but for this same reason. “FAILURE”.

Some girls have been failed deliberately by these desperate lecturers all because of they reluctantly ignore the request. These same set of old fools can go to the extent of meeting their peers to keep failing the student until she dance to their tunes.

Well, as a matter of fact, if you were the one, what would you do, you would left with just 2 options, to accept for a man that’s old enough to be your father to be pounding you like yam or you keep on failing.

But a a girl of dignity, she keeps praying the lecturer should just change his mindset to leave her grades alone. Alas, things have been spoilt before the prayer goes answered if at all it would be answered.

5.FRIENDSHIP: An indigenous adage says “Bad company destroys good character”. What is the need of keeping companies that will do to you more harm than good. Many students are guilty of these act, moving with bad colleagues that inspires them to all sort of bad movements, thereby finding it hard to cope with their primary aims in the school.

Most of them (females) would rather prefer sleeping with lecturers and get good grades to reading to get it. Guys that involves in this run around with ladies, smoke all around, wining and dining at the slightest opportunity, then and end up failing.

These kind of students are the one that often forget where they come from, in their quest for getting money, gets motivated by bad gangs, maybe to start prostitution or robbery and cultism. Before they realize they’ve made a grievous mistake, it is late already. May God have mercy on these kind of students.

6.Lack of Vision And Focus: In this 24th century of social media, iPads, BBM, Facbook, Twitter, Instagram etc. students are faced with so many things to distract them from studying. They prefer being on social network in class rather than listening to the teacher.

When you join this with the aforementioned points, their problems goes wide thereby lose focus. It is a responsibility of every student to learn how to balance social life with studying life. You should give more time to studying, it’s your primary objective.

Most of these things get students more addicted and give little attention to studying compared to their social lives where people know them for.

Parents, organisations, and educational blogs should give a form of enlightening forum on this, its not my own primary job as well.

7.Time Management: Poor one I mean, students who fail to manage his/her time efficiently will lack the ability to stabilize the responsibilities that goes along with being a student should be ready to be at the receiving end of it.

Being a student brings a lot of commitment and time consciousness, don’t put valueless things ahead of meaningful things and you will see the result.

The list is endless but you must take care of these ones also, What do you think about this?

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