Youth Of Ogbomoso Destroys King’s Palace, Saying He Failed To Condemn The Fatal Shooting Of Jimoh Isiaq By The Police (Photos)

Irate youth of Ogbomoso overturned the King’s palace following the death of Jimoh Isiaq who shot by the police last Saturday.

According to a media report on what led to the shooting of the young man, he walking along the road watching the protestors when a policeman fired at him, killing him instantly.

The youth took the laws into their own hands by criticizing and attacking the King of Ogbomoso area saying he failed as the first man of the land to take action against the police who killed the young man. They broke into the palace on a bright after with dead bodies of people who were killed by the police.

The King took to his heels as it is forbidden for a King to see a dead body. In his absence, the youth tossed the palace down by destroying everything in sight. The items destroyed include furniture, glass doors and windows, tv set, air conditioners, among other things worth millions of Naira.

See images below: