With The Huge Crowd At Abba Kyari’s Burial – Should Lagos State Gov’t Apologize To Funke Akindele & Refund Her Money?

Nigerians have taken to Twitter to drag the federal government for flouting the social distancing rule, as a measure to curb Coronavirus.

Abba Kyari, the Nigerian politician who served as Chief of Staff to President Muhammadu Buhari, died of COVID-19 and has been buried today in Abuja.

The number of those who attended the burial rites are more than 120, which is direct disobedience to the regulations on curbing the deadly pandemic.

Angry Nigerians after watching the burial on TV and seeing a crowd at the funeral, are asking the government to refund Funke Akindele’s money and free her of the community service punishment.

See What Nigerians are saying below:-


Everyone that is present here should be arrested and given the same punishment Funke Akindele was given or rather even far much more, this is the height of insensitivity.

Everyone here deserves the same punishment. Nigerian police need to swing into action immediately about this! Period!


They prosecuted Aunty Funke Akindele for not practicing social distancing still they gathered themselves to Abba Kyari funeral.


Our government have got to be the most useless in world. Not only is there a gathering of over 20 with No social distancing at the chief of Staff Mallam Abba Kyari burial, there is an infected body in their mist and they prosecuted Funke Akindele, with no at confirmed case her party


Nigeria police please the same Energy that was used for the arrest of Funke akindele should be use for the northerners and politicians that disobey the law of social distances….


I’d like to use this opportunity to clearly state that Funke Akindele was a scapegoat. She only got punished because she wasn’t a politician.

The people who gathered at Abbah Kyari’s funeral should all be quarantined & punished. Look at these ones holding hands!

What a country!


Funke Akindele was arrested & stripped of her ambassadorship for not practicing social distancing but in Abba Kyari’s burial Kano, Kaduna and Aso Rock attended but police are quiet because politicians are involved.

Burna boy was right mehn. Make we keep the same energy abeg.


If only the @PoliceNG and @NCDCgov will apply the same energy they used in arresting Funke Akindele here.


If we do not use the same energy that we used on Funke Akindele to change it for the government as regards to this burial, then we owe her an apology. And that means Burna Boy was right, so we also owe him an apology.


Funke akindele was prosecuted not obeying social gathering, the northerners and politicians are gathering together and not practicing social distance because of Abba Kyari, Are they above the law?

You have seen what everyone is saying.

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