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Trippy Dynasty — “Memories”

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“memories” a title inspired from the bad relationship I had with most of the people I had close to me because of lack of confidence.




if e be things e go be
And no man come we go stress and oo
I use reflex e no reach
If power jam we must sense am oo x2

The memories e no leave me
If it touchdown I no go gree
I got G-O-D he dey with me
They wan cast body no gree x2

Cause we are x4

No friends no relationship
You see me bitter you think sey na phycosis
I’m on form no cap I no get feelings
Wetin my eyes don see because of timidity

rn I feel like I’m very high
This road is so narrow I’m getting tired
Don’t smoke don’t drink don’t take this pills
But my thoughts are making me very high

I gotta get this dho and pay my bills
Ain’t got time for your relationship
Take my mama to north cali
Then I gats get time for my real OGs


Pole strippers and gold diggers
All for money we gats deal with this cold stickers
In my life I’ve never been so cold inside
Wetin go be go be all this na excersise

Fuck the body men I’m taking the wheels
Audi Audi when I’m cruising my city
Smoke everywhere off my automobile
Plenty plenty e go be x2

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