The Moment I Tell You It’s Over, It’s Over – Bobrisky Brags After Dumping One Of His Boyfriends Who Scammed Him

Crossdresser Bobrisky has bragged about how men rush him as he reveals how he dumped and blocked on of his boyfriends who scammed him.

Bobrisky in a post was bragging about how men rush him saying whenever he says it’s over between you and him then it’s really over as he shares chat of a guy he dumped.

Bobrisky also disclosed that he blocked the guy after begging him alot to forgive him and that he’s try sorry for what he did but he has cut ties with him hence it’s over between them.

He then disclosed what the young man did that made him cut ties with him saying he turned out to be a scammer who ended up scamming him Bobrisky therefore he had to cut ties with him.

Screenshot below;