The Issues Of Uswat Trending….This is What Really Happened (FULL GISTS)

Ogbomoso WhatsApp have been on fire since last night 1st Of May 2020. The issue is all about 2 female friends whose names are Uswat Tomiwa & Uswat Ajoke.


The above picture is USWAT TOMIWA



The Above Picture Is ISIWAT AJOKE

Due to so many requests from people who wanted to know about this issue, Ofofoloaded Media is here for you with the broadcasting.

According to our reports, it was reported that Uswat Ajoke popularly known as Isiwat tried to tarnish the good image of her friend Uswat Tomiwa by Putting Uswat Tomiwa picture together with one write Up in a post Indicating that โ€œUswat Tomiwa is A prostitute โ€, Which is never true. Check post below

The Post trended for some days before the post even reached the victim โ€œUswat Tomiwaโ€ .
Last Night, Uswat Tomiwa Reacted to the post with this;

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Uswat Tomiwa explained how she used to be working with her hands instead of engaging herself in prostitution which everyone knows that such act is very bad. She went further in her explanations that when she was given an admission into Kwara Poly back in 2017, she had to work work and work with her hands (Working at a warehouse) before she she can get the money needed for her needs.

According to our reports, Some people tried to reach the criminal โ€œIswat Ajokeโ€ to know whether she’s the one that did the blackmail or not, in which she fails to say that truth, saying that she can never do that to her blood sister(the both were friends, but used to call each other blood sister).

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In short, Uswat Tomiwa arranged this morning to get Isiwat ajoke arrested. She was arrested by the ogbomoso Agbowo Sarz corps ๐Ÿ˜, She was tortured, beaten till she confess that she’s the culprit.

She later apologized to her good friend Uswat Tomiwa not to be angry at her.

The End!

Note : We have took the permission from Uswat Tomiwa before we posted this.

Lesson : Never try to tarnish another person image.. It’s a crime under the Nigerian law. Iswat tried to tarnish another person image but her image was tarnished in the process.




  1. Whe should always watch our back the person you call your best friend may be the one planning evil against you

  2. Don’t mind dem Adetomiwa mi, dey are jus envious of you and no matter how dey try, dey cannot pull u down… Our God is bigger than dem๐Ÿ’ฏ

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