SHOCKER!!! US Embassy Denies Bishop Oyedepo Visa (Read Full Details)

Bishop David Oyedepo of Winners’ Chapel International, was denied a USA visa.

We gathered that the embassy did not give any other reason except the standard default explanation that the Bishop did not qualify for visa renewal in its assessment and urged him to try again.

David Oyedepo In anger created a scene while querying the grounds for his refusal, stressing that he had been travelling to the states as far back as 1980s and had not violated any rules or committed any crime to have warranted being denied a renewal of his visa.

Sources says that he immediately sent for his bodyguards to get his phones so he could make some calls, but the embassy allegedly told him he could not make calls within the area of the visa-issuing section of the embassy.

Meanwhile, an ace comedian, Bovi was lucky with the embassy as he was issued the visa around the same time.