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“She is stubborn….will reign forever” Teni’s mum, Folajomi Apata spills

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Singer Teni’s mum, Folajomi Apata has revealed the unknown about the versatile and loved singer.

In case you didn’t know, Teni’s birth name is Teniola Apata. She hails from Ekiti but she was born in Lagos. She is the 9th of 10 children. Teni attended Apata Memorial High School, the school owned by her father. She later went to the United States of America to get a degree in Business Administration at American International University and graduated in the Business Administration.

Mrs. Folajomi who is in her 50s was sighted at Teni’s surprise birthday a few weeks ago looking many years younger. She was cynosure of all eyes when she sang Teni’s popular song “Uyo Meyo”. The music which has become one of the favorites at parties was sang to the admiration of all by Teni, her siblings and her mum. Abiola Orisile was at the occasion and had this to report:

Teni, also sang a special number for her mum who watched her with love.

During the surprise birthday reception, Mrs. Folajomi, after thanking all the guests, she spoke extensively about Teni and what she went through after their Dad died when Teni was 2. She also thanked the matriarch of the Apata family whom she described as “Opomulero of Apata family”.

Hear her”.

“I want to say thank you to the organisers of this event. I remember that a few days ago was my birthday and Doyin and my sibling threw a surprise party for me. I say thank you to you. When they came to my office to celebrate me, I called my niece Iyabo and said, you are supposed to be in your office, why are you here? She said: “Aunty, it’s not your service of songs they are doing but your birthday” God will not allow anything bad to happen to me, but if she is anywhere and she is called for my sake, she will make herself available and that is what she has done today. I pray for everyone here today; things of joy will not cease from your home. God will give you eternal joy; you won’t just be happy but God will give you eternal joy”.

Teniola Atinuke Apata is my first daughter as Bible says, bless the womb that carries that child, I bless the day she was born. She has been a gift to my life right from when she was little. Though, a little bit stubborn. To every parent here and those aspiring to be, don’t ever condemn any child. It was so rough but glory be to God. She was just a 2 year old baby when her father died. The journey was tough but I give God all the glory”.

“We are celebrating her today and I pray I will celebrate her on her wedding day too. I told her this morning that her children will take good care of her. She told me some years ago that she would love to be a singer. Immediately we got to the U.S. I said do you have a singer in your lineage? Your mum and dad are Educationists, but she said one thing, Mummy, I promise you, I won’t bring shame to that family. I pray for you today Teniola that your own children will look at you and say thank you. Your children will be proud of you. You have started well, you will end well and my prayer for you everyday is that queens and kings will always stand for you. I am not praying for you alone but decree you will reign for life. Sunny Ade started young and he is still there. Teniola you will reign forever. You have been our source of joy. You will always find favour anywhere, any country you step into.

Favour, mercy and grace will always locate you. You have been a wonderful child, not because you are my child, every good thing will continue to follow you. You promised to take care of me when you grow up and you have been doing that. Teniola, I decree Grace of God will not leave you in Jesus name. You showed us so much love that at times I get confused, despite being so young; you act like an old person.

I pray that the maturity and wisdom will not depart from you in Jesus name and no evil will befall you in Jesus name. I never knew it was something this big, I pray you live long and reign forever. God has lifted you up, you will never go down. Your mum will never mourn over you. No evil shall come between you people in Jesus name. God will bless you all.

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