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Rema Confess He Once Stole A Laptop, Sends Message To Obama, Girl Who Rejected him

By OfofoLoaded | September 28, 2020 0


Mavin artist, Rema is trending this morning after he took to his twitter handle to vent his anger about some people hating on him

Nigeria has been wondering what might have provoked the cool artist to make such strong statements.

See Breakdown of his tweets below;

Apologizing for a decision he took in the past, Rema said that he made the decision because he wanted to prove people wrong.

“Eric, Sorry I stole your Laptop in 2017, I know you were trying to help me. My Mom had a child on the way, I was the only man in my family. They made fun of her because she got pregnant, I wanted to prove them wrong bro, I had to do it,” he said.






Rema however appreciated former US President Barack Obama for including his song ‘Ironman’ in his summer playlist.  The singer who poured out his heart on Twitter stated that many people couldn’t see what he and Obama saw in the song.

“Thank you OBAMA for seeing what I saw in Ironman, lot of niggas couldn’t. I was 18 when I made that song, the beat got 6 sounds. I’ll give that simple beat to half the game and I won’t get a record as strong as IRONMAN,” he tweeted.

He also appreciated his music producer, Ozedikus, for taking risks on his behalf which resulted in the hit songs he released.

“I climbed this cliff with bunch of rejected beats. Some niggas hate me because of that.

“Ozedikus took risks for me, he was under a management with guidelines. He sneaked beats to me so I could record when my first engineer left me because we couldn’t pay him at the time. All the beats Ozedikus sneaked are now HITS,” he said.


In other tweets, Rema revealed why he’s not comfortable around people, a thing that passes him off as proud.

“When we in the same room together don’t label me proud or rude because I don’t smile, talk or laugh to your jokes.

“When my late brother did house parties y’all came, when he died only 2 friends stood beside his death bed. That’s why I’m not comfortable around people, they love me because I have something to offer, You know yourselves don’t let me catch you!!!”, he said.


In another tweet, he said,

“To the girl who rejected me before this fame, I’m eating the royalties off this pain. (WHY).”



But on a lighter note, I’m happy that Rema is standing up for himself and saying those things that need to be said but some upcoming artists are scared to say it.


What do you think of this new development?

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