One Word For This! Lekki Slay Queen Seen Bathing Outside Under The Rain (Photos)

A Nigerian lady is currently under fire for videoing a Lekki slay queen that was bathing outside under the rain.

The lady filmed the Lekki slay queen taking her shower outside and was laughing at her. Saying Lekki slay mama doesn’t have water.

Many blasted her and asked what is wrong if one decides to bath outside. Watch the video and see some of the reactions below:-

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Comment 1: “This is wrong o.. Videoing her does not make any sense.. Ehn she dey baff inside rain and so what? She dey baff outside and so f*cking what? I don’t know why women enjoying shaming women..”

Comment 2: “Please can somebody tell me what bad about what’s she’s doing abi slay queen no be human being and if we look it well she’s better than you that do this video”


Comment 3: “The lady that took and posted the video, what’s her purpose? If she doesn’t have clean water in her environment, is it a crime to improvise?”

Comment 4:” Mtcheww, so it’s a sin now to bath inside rain in her own house?”

Use One Word To Qualify Her.

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