No One Should Weep For Hushpuppi, There are many Crooks Like Him Around – Police PRO, Mba

The Public Relations Officer of Nigeria Police Force, DCP Frank Mba has said that there are many similar ‘Hushpuppis’ in the country.

Frank Mba said in an interview with Kike, on the ‘Real Talk’ radio show that Hushpuppi who has been charged to court in the U.S for alleged fraud is a cyber crook and Nigerians must not have sympathy for him.

On his view about the arrest of Huspuppi in Dubai, Frank Mba said;

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“The feat by the Dubai Police was not achieved by them alone but an international collaboration that ran across multiple security agencies with Interpol playing a very big role, FBI playing a big role and of course, the Dubai Police taking the lead because they as the national police, policing the country where Hushpuppi was based and where most of his activities emanated from.”

According to Mba, there is a lot of liberal democracy in the country the alleged fraudster is being tried, hence he will enjoy some priveleges there and he has the money to hire the best lawyers to represent him.

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Mba added,

“Hushpuppi will enjoy the privileges of being tried in a free world and in a liberal democracy. I also have no doubt about his capacity to pay for the best of lawyers. He’s a billionaire crook. He should have the capacity to pay.

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