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It was incredibly amazing to watch Nigerians come out in their numbers to show solidarity for Nigeria LGBTQ genders at the pride parade event yesterday.

This is the first post covid-19 parade in Canada, and it was well attended by thousands of people, both young and Old, Male and Female, all of them from different province, coming out enmass to show support and love to Nigeria LGBTQ genders.

Many of them are worried and greatly unhappy over the marginalization and discrimination of LGBTQ by the Nigeria society.

The protesters are asking among other things, that same-sex relationships, like every other gender, be highly respected, globally accepted and protected.

One of the Nigerian protesters we interviewed, one (AdefemiOkesanya), admitted being a bisexual, according to him, there are several thousands of Nigerians that are bisexual.

According to him, same-sex genders should not be discriminated against, but that the society should be more friendly and accomodating to same sex genders.

Another of Nigerian Protester, ‘Jessica Chinonso Nwogbo’, introduced herself as a bisexual. Jessica, like other protesters, is demanding equality for LGBTQ in Nigeria and the world over.

According to her, LGBTQ genders should be respectfully treated equally as other genders.

Another of the Protester, one Foluwasegun Christopher Sanni.

According to Mr. Sanni, being a bisexual completes him and makes him happier. He said one Uncle Gbenga introduced him to bisexuality and that he has never stopped thanking God for that Uncle.

He said his father more like disowned him when he found out about his bisexuality, he said he would have lived a life of regret if he had done his father’s bidding. Her urge Nigeria society to be more embracing and tolerant of same sex genders, saying they too are humans and deserve Protection and respect like other genders.

Another of the Protesters, one (Mr. Adebayo John Williams), a Nigerian, said there is this satisfaction knowing you and your partner are of same gender.

According to him, equality is equity, and as such same sex genders must be treated equally like other genders. He is calling on the Nigeria Government to as a matter urgency legalize same sex relationships.

Another of the Protesters, one Ms. Gloria Nnenna Okereke, who is also a Nigerian said, she never imagined a day like this will come where she will be free to practice her sexuality.

She says “Same Sex Genders”, are the most happiest genders. She pleads with the Nigeria Government to allow her fellow LGBTQ genders back at home experience this true happiness.

The last person we interviewed ‘Omolola Hannah Adeleke’, according to her, LGBTQ genders are highly discriminated against, she condemns such discrimination and frowns at it.

She is calling on United Nations to sanction countries that discriminates and disrespect Same sex genders. She wants countries of the world to emulate Canada especially in protecting and respecting the fundamental Rights of Same sex genders world over.

What more can we say?? From their message, one thing is clear, the protesters are in one voice demanding; all the countries of the world to accept, respect, give recognition and legalize same sex relationships, and above all, see them as “normal people”.

It is hoped that Nigeria and other Africa countries and the rest of the world that still criminalizes or frowns at same sex relationships/genders, will begin to accept and recognize same sex relationships.

Unfortunately, LGBTQ genders in Nigeria will have to wait a little longer, perhaps the Nigeria Government may have a rethink on her decision.

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