Nigerians React After Google Lists Nigerian Model, Agbani Darego As Ugliest Miss World Ever

Aggrieved Nigerians have expressed their anger on social media after Google listed Agbani Darego as the ugliest Miss World winner.

Nigerians were left in awe after they discovered that when they search “Who is the ugliest Miss World” on Google, the picture of Agbani Darego pops up.

Agbani Darego, a Nigerian model and beauty queen who won the 2001 Miss World setting the record of being the first African woman to win Miss world.

Here are reactions from Nigerians;

@Rankyakab, “This whole Agbani Darego being the ugliest miss world on Google ranking is not just ‘b*llshit’ but shows we haven’t appreciated her enough. A slander to her is a slander to the esteem of every beautiful black woman.

Agbani Darego remains my most beautiful miss world ever.”

@QueenMoye, “Whoever that listed Agbani Darego as the ‘Ugliest Miss World’ is not just very stupid, but a mad person. Such a person should have an anchor tied to both his/her legs and dropped in the Atlantic ocean.

@Tinarela, “I wonder how someone in their right mind will call Agbani Darego ugly.”

@AhambaEbuka, “Google names Agbani Darego the ugliest miss world ever… I want to ask them if it’s the one from Nigeria or is there another one?
These guys can be stylishly racist at times… How did she win it in the first place if she’s ugly?