[Must See For Parents] 5 Important Things To Teach Girls Before They Get To 18

In the world today, where a lot is going on for the Youths and Teenagers, certain knowledge should be given to them, especially the girl child, before she turns 18years.

This will help her make better decisions and take vital actions.

Below are the five things to teach girls today…

As shared by Onome Idhet

1. How To Ask For Help

Parents need to teach their daughters early in life how to ask for help and who they should be asking help from at different period and stages of life.

2. How True What They See In Movies Are

The girl child needs to be taught that not all they see in the movies about love, life and all are real. So they don’t start thinking otherwise when watching movies and try to act same out in the real world.

3. How To Seat In The Public

This is very essential, a mother should teach her daughter how to seat properly in a public gathering, as some ladies don’t sit in a lady-like manner today, and it’s as a result of the fact that they were not taught.

4. What Love Truly Means

Some young girls got the wrong meaning of love and it affected them well into adulthood, so mothers should teach their daughters what love truly means.

5. Sex Education

This is what many parents shy away from when discussing when their daughters, hence a lot learnt it outside and got the wrong ideas, while often lead to mistakes. Mothers should engage their daughters in such discussion and teach them to know what is right.