MUSIC LOVERS!!! If “Eni Duro” Blew Olamide, “Holla At Your Boy” Blew Wizkid – Which Song Blow Burna Boy?

Today, I was channelling my inner music love to way back to remember how many of our now “Mega Superstars” started their iconic musical journey.

It was an awesome reminiscing session I must say. I got something to while away the lockdown boredom of today for many hours as I pondered on many A-list artistes in the industry today.

I remember how we vibed to Wizkid back in the days of “Holla At Your Boy” – how he rosed to fame in Nigeria with just that one hit and how his follow up songs was also memorable and amazing.

Presently, Wizkid has the ‘Most Legendary’ recording catalogue in the whole of Africa. A young boy that started the dream from Shitta, Surulere in our very own eyes O! Mehn I’ll tell my kids Wizkid is the Micheal Jackson of our time.

About Olamide, The Baddo himself! O POR!!  This is the one I fuck with very well, as per street boy, you will be more into Olamide than Wizkidback then. I Lie?

This is how the classifications go then, Wizkid is for the rich kids who can afford the “Ama Kip Kip tees” and that “Trukfit snapback” then. But OIamide is our very own 2Pac in the slum then, with one jean and one top.

I remember how we clearly use his lyrics from his debut hit song “Eni Duro” to do a rap battle on any Birthday bash in the hood then. If you can rap it seamlessly from the beginning to end then you have a prize to be won.

So I catapulted to the African Giant’s, Burna Boy story too, and believe me guys I was stuck – Without even having a hint of his first hit song that brought him to the limelight.

Sure Burna Boy has a very good start too, am sure many of you can still remember the main song that made we (Nigerians) know him then na.

Hence, I need your help to remember about Burna Boy too.

So Guys 👇

If “Eni Duro” Blew Olamide, “Holla At Your Boy” Blew Wizkid – Which Song Blow Burna Boy?

Let’s hear from you too