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LET’S TALK! Could This Be The Reason Why The Nigerian Government Doesn’t Want To EndSars?

By OfofoLoaded | October 11, 2020 0


We’re not tired of protesting. We’re tired of the government promising to end SARS in the past but not doing the damn thing. So we ask, why is the government adamant on this matter?

The last few days has seen an increase in protests against police brutality across the country. Falz & Runtown led a march on Thursday, a group stationed at the Lagos State House of Assembly and today, there have been protests in cities in Ogun, Oyo, Edo and Osun.

What we want is clear.

A final end to this unit called SARS. Over the years, we’ve been given promises the group will be banned, with the Vice President Yemi Osinbajo issuing an overhaul of the squad in October 2018.

The Menace Persists, Still.

Students have been harassed. People eking out a living by providing online services such as freelancing, coding or website design have had their ordeals. Not to talk of CEOs with 9-5 jobs.

I ask. You ask. We all ask. Why is it difficult for the government to disband and permanently clear out this “criminal group”

The Government Is Scared, Perhaps

I reasoned. With magnitude of protests increasing daily and foreign bodies and influential individuals contributing their voices, government might actually feel ceding to our demands will be giving us power.

Face it, power ought to be in the hands of the citizens since it’s a democratic rule—government of the people. We put in who we want and they do the best things for the people in return, right?

But in recent years, our demands and wishes have fallen in deaf ears.

We suffer from insecurity. Electricity problems. Rise in prices of staple foodstuff. The government decides these things. They decide when to amp up petrol price. They take decisions that are antagonist to the wellbeing of its citizens. This way, we’ve put power in their hands, to do us anyhow. We’ve become puppets in their hands.

And seeing the angst in people continuously fueling these protests, government thinks if they cede to our demands, we’ve taken back control.

Therefore things will become hard for them to control anymore. If next time, they make a rule that doesn’t bode well with us, they know we might protest again and again get them to do our wishes.

Because, what other reason can you give on why it’s so hard to scrap this SARS outfit?

The government is scared. They know after this, we will protest against another societal ill, say education. Meanwhile, we’re getting them to do their fxcking job, something they’ve stayed away from.

Guys Just One Question,

Why Do You Think The Government Is Adamant On Not Ending SARS?

Let’s hear your reasons

Drop your comments.

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