“Laycon Will Reach 1M On Twitter Before Tacha” – iCONS

A fan of Laycon has declared positively that the rapper cum reality tv star will reach the 1 million followership on Twitter before Tacha.

The mad rush for the numbers on social media has given room for unnecessary comparison of celebrities by their fans. It has become the order of the day.

Apparently, it is what gives them the bragging right when speaking about their favourite on all platforms.

Not too long ago, Tacha celebrated with her followers after she hit 900K on the bird app. She currently has 901K hoping to reach the millions. The celebration has sent chills down the spine of icons who are 50K short of followers behind Tacha.

Laycon currently has 851K followers but his fans are confident he will surpass Tacha and reach the million mark before her.

See tweet below;