Lady Surprisingly Uses Nylon Bag To Pack Leftover Food After A Restaurant Requested She Pay For A Takeaway Pack – (WATCH VIDEO)

In a video we have sighted circulating, a young lady is seen packing her leftover food from a restaurant in a very surprising way.

The lady at the centre of this story uses the Twitter handle, @DheeDrey, and in the video she shared, she was heard asking an attendant for a takeaway pack so she could pack her leftover food.

The attendant then told her she would have to pay for the pack before she can get one. Not satisfied with the answer she got, she used a nylon bag and an empty salad container to pack her food.

Sharing the video, she wrote;

“I was pissed down to my bones yesterday.. fr! I never knew that people pay for takeaways at restaurants…. You can’t increase the price of food and tell me to pay for takeaway!! Smh! Reason I’d rather eat at a mamaput #food #”