Just Within One Month, Coronavirus Cases In Nigeria Rose From 44 To 1095, From 1 Death To 32 Deaths – Is This Lockdown Working?

Like Play! Like Play!! – This is how Italy started oO! – Our case no go reach that level O! Amen 🙏

Just in the span of one month, look at how the cases of Nigerian skyrocketed from 44 to 1095.

Despite the lockdown order put in place by the Federal Govt, the number of cases still keep increasing geometrically – This makes me wonder if this Lockdown is really working for us.

See the comparison of cases as at March 24th 2020 & April 24th 2020;

If the number still grows so fast despite being on lockdown for almost one month now – do we still even have hope?

Mehn! am f*cking scared right now!!! – have been staying at home, and practising social distancing, now more can I do?

Guys 👇

Do You Think This Lockdown Is Going To Work In Nigeria?

What Other Ways Can The Government Use In Limiting This Spread?

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