Just Like Zanku, Naira Marley’s Lamba Sound Is Gradually Fading. Here’s Why

First, it was Zanku, but Naira Marley’s lamba sound is gradually fading. Here’s why.

When Naira Marley burst onto the scene basking on the euphoria of his controversial single, Am I A Yahoo Boy, we all saw him as just another street-pop artist similar to Zlatan who was popping at that time or Small Doctor. Hence, we reasoned, the timeframe for his survival in the industry was going to be short. Then again, he had a problem, his sound wasn’t defined then.

After he got out of prison, his sound started to relate and connect. Cojoined with storytelling detailed about different spheres of life, his sound began to make sense.

First, it was the viral “Soapy” with its corresponding dance trend told about life in prison and now prisoners coped with sexual urges. Then, the enthralling melodies he and Young Jonn cooked up on Mafo. That was the sound. That was when it clicked. His self styled lamba sound. Balanced with multi-layered drum arrangements. Here was the sound.


But here was the problem. We as listeners don’t like repetitions of the same sound. Once, twice might be ideal but having several duplicates of the same sound would result in its eventual death.

One thing that makes a sound fade away is when there are low-quality versions of the sound. Or when every nook and cranny tries to create the same sound the same way, no difference or addition, a major factor that contributed to the demise of the Zanku sound.

The songs that would follow Mafo followed the template of Mafo. Similar pattern, repeated drum arrangements. Apart from Tesumole which was popular owing to the dance trend, the Lord of Lamba EP didn’t bare much impact on the scene. By January, we had forgotten about it.


2020. Many music enthusiasts had expected something new from the artists who dominated 2019. Rema was forging ahead, flexing his sonic palette, but tales were different for Zlatan and Naira Marley. Zanku sound was gradually on the decline yet Zlatan continued with its exploration.

Naira Marley however experimented with the grime sound on Anywhere with Ms. Banks, reminds you of days of his early days. Days of Flying Away. Slow, laid-back sound But it didn’t take long before he made the switch back to his comfort zone – the lamba sound. The lamba was the same but the tempo was slowed on Aye, but on Dido Lobo, it’s evident Naira Marley is running short of ideas.


You feel Naira Marley is slowly slipping. The stardom and influence he once wielded seems to have faded. Aye has struggled to gain numbers, with its numbers on YouTube far off from the 1million views mark.

His recent sonic offering, Dido Lobo is even wild and you’ll recognize the same call and response pattern, and to be honest, this song will struggle not necessarily because of the vulgarity and the fact that it’s not radio-friendly, but it’s not what the music space needs right now at a period where vibes are low.

Naira Marley needs an injection of new ideas, he has to work with new producers, it’s time he abandons the lamba sound and seek growth and inspiration in new areas. He needs to take a break from the scene at this point.

Guys, if you were to advise Naira Marley right now, what will you tell him?

Should Naira Marley Continue With The Lamba Sound Or Switch To Another Sound?

Let’s hear from you all.

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