International ‘Anonymous Group’ Hack Into Nigerian Police Database, Gives President Buhari 72 Hours To Meet The Demands Of #EndSARS Protestors (Photos)

The famous ‘Anonymous Group’ has attacked the Nigerian police database and given President Buhari 72 hours to meet the demands of the #EndSARS protestors or risk having all security details including his sexual life displayed in the public domain.

Anonymous Group is an international hacktivist/activist/movement known for cyber attacks against bad governments around the world. The group has pledged its allegiance to the youth of Nigeria by supporting the ongoing #EndSARS protest and given the president an ultimatum or else face their wrath.

The group has already shared some information on the names of all Nigerian security personnel, especially the address, names, date of birth, and account details of every SARS personnel in the country. Also, they gave revealed a bit of the president’s secret life which they claim he engages in sodomy (anal or oral sex between people or sexual activity between a person and a non-human animal).

See images below: