If Fireboy, Joeboy & Rema Are 3 Biggest Breakout Of 2019, Who Are The 3 Biggest Breakout Of 2020?

One good thing about Nigeria’s music industry is that new artistes with amazing sound are given chance to stardom every year.

In most cases, we refer to those industry newly accepted artistes as breakout acts.

Last year, 2019 was the year talents like RemaFireboy, and Joeboy were discovered and accepted fully into the mainstream music market.

These guys were not just accepted, they came with different non-existing sounds and vibesand lots of music lovers embrace them.


Rema broke into the music industry with “Dumebi” alongside 3 solid EPs to win Headies Award last year.

His music journey since then has been experiencing tremendous growth as he is also the most internationally recognized artiste among his peers in the music industry.


With Olamide‘s influence and his hit single, “Jealous“, Fireboy captured the heart of many Nigerian music lovers with his superb songwriting skills and soothing vocals.

Releasing the “Laughter TearS And Goosebumps” album the year he got a big break into the music industry is an extraordinary achievement for the YBNL star.


The Empawa assisted young artiste didn’t get a massive breakout in 2019 by luck, Joeboy is no doubt a product of good vocal delivery and songwriting skills.

His song “Baby” got blown organically with little promotional effort because the song is actually a dope song with huge replay value.

2019 till present, Joeboy has not stopped growing with good musical contributions to the industry.

This Is 2020 – Who Are The 3 Breakout Acts This Year?

No doubt, 2020 has been a very rough year.

In the beginning of this year, some music pundits couldn’t predict whether there will be a breakout act or not.

After the lockdown was over, it’s surprising, our new acts kept breaking in with interesting new sounds.

As a music lover in Nigeria, you already the new acts making waves this year already but it’s a question of who are the 3 biggest breakout acts of the year.

Let’s hear from you 👇

If Fireboy, Joeboy & Rema Are 3 Biggest Breakout Of 2019, Who Are The 3 Biggest Breakout Of 2020?

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