“I Just Kept On Taking Ginger And Garlic”- Tacha Shares Her Experience In The Corona Pandemic Period

Natacha Akide on her Youtube channel has revealed how she breakdown in the lockdown at the corona period.

The former BBNaija 2019 star talked her experience in the corona pandemic period.

In her words ;

“I had a breakdown and I had to ask myself― ‘what is the world turning to? What have I learnt’? Back in school, we were taught to always learn moral lessons from stories. The moral lesson I learnt from the COVID-19 lockdown was to (always) spread love. I had to speak to a life coach who told me I needed to take a break, even if it was for three days. It was so bad that I would just lay on my bed, cover myself with clothes and be shaking because I was sad. I did not enjoy that period. I did not enjoy seeing the bad news (all around). I kept taking ginger and garlic every day.”

Watch the video below;