I Am The One God Chose To Heal Nigeria From Coronavirus – Kemi Oluloyo Shares Terrifying Revelation

The controversial media personality, Kemi Olunloyo has come out today on her social media pages to say God has chosen her to heal Nigeria. In the post, she describes herself as a “self-professed Evangelist”

She claims in a dream she had, God told her she is the new Job. To heal Nigeria, she asserts she was instructed to empty her bank account and start funding IJcovid19. According to her, she would have to empty her bank account and use all her savings.

The dream which she had through the night left her petrified. She further explains that God has no intention of using the church or the government, but her. However, if she fails to do as she was told in her dream, many people will die.

Kemi further wrote that in a bid to do God’s bidding, she will have to unblock lots of people on social media and massively start “educating everyone”

The controversial media personnel has said she will start the work today. She has also been instructed not to talk to anyone as she carries out the assignment given to her by God.

Below is her revelation:-