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ENDSARS!! 5 Things Naira Marley Told Nigerian Police To Do About SARS So Youths Won’t Suffer Again (A MUST READ)

By OfofoLoaded | October 7, 2020 0


Naira Marley’s movement against the high rate of SARS brutality in Nigeria has come to a logical conclusion after a chat with Police PRO, DCP Frank Mba.

A Naira Marley led-peaceful protest which was supposed to take place yesterday was canceled after the Police Force invited him for a chat on IG Live.

On the IG Live Session, Naira Marley asked some very important questions and also made some requests on behalf of all Nigerian youths.

Below Are Top 5 Requests Naira Marley Put Forward To Nigerian Police

1. SARS Should Only Appear When Violent Crimes Occur

According to Naira Marley, Nigeria Special Anti-Robbery squad are supposed to be operating like American SWAT (Special Weapons And Tactics).

He said, the American SWAT forces only appear on special occasions when there are cases of violence and crimes.

In his response, DCP Frank Mba said, ending SARS is almost impossible but the Nigerian Police Force as a body will put in work to ensure that SARS officials do their jobs.

2. Having Dreadlocks And Tattoos Is Not A Crime

When it comes to SARS brutality, you would agree that this is one of the most pressing issues.

Naira Marley asked the DCP if having dreadlocks, wearing tattoos or mini-skirt is a crime because SARS officials are always quick to harass youths just because of their dressing.

The Police PRO stated categorically that having tattoo or dreadlocks is not a crime in Nigeria and youths are not meant to be subjected to harassment just because of the content of their dressing.

3. Is It A Crime To Record Policemen?

The issue of recording policemen during is also part of the questions Naira Marley asked the Deputy Police Commissioner about recording Police officials for safety and record purposes.

In his response, the Police PRO said, Nigerians are free to record police on duty as long as they are sure it is safe for them to do so at that particular moment.

He also stressed that SARS officials are being equipped with body cameras to monitor their activities.

4. Form A Police PR Team To Interact With Nigerian Youths

The Marlian President also requested that the Police Force should form a PR team that will periodically be interacting with Nigerian youths.

According to the Police PRO, efforts are ongoing to create a strong Police PR team that will constantly be in close communication with Nigerian youths.

He also added that some Youths will also be employed in the process of making it happen.

5. SARS Should Not Be Allowed To Operate Without Uniform Or Official Vehicles

SARS officials are fond of Operating with unofficial vehicles like “Korope“, “Danfo” or “Sienna” just to disguise so that innocent Nigerian youth won’t suspect their movements.

They even go to the extent of operating in non-police kits in a bid to successfully carry out their evil acts.

Naira Marley presented this issue to the Police PRO and he responded by saying all SARS officials have been banned from using unofficial vehicles and non-police uniform while on duty.

The End!!

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