DO YOU AGREE? Naira Marley Should Quit Music For Now, Change Producer or Start Weed Farm Instead (SEE WHY)

Who Is Naira Marley?

Azeez Adeshina Fashola, known professionally as Naira Marley, is a Nigerian singer and songwriter. Popularly known as the president of his controversial fan base, “Marlians“.

Dude has done several hit songs such as, Tesumole, Lord of Lamba ,Soapy, 
Opotoyi and alot more. But hey he needs to stop releasing new songs for now and work on his sounds(beat).

His lyrics are nonsense from day one, we all knows and admit it. We only enjoy his songs beat and dance steps. But Marlians are tired of same style all the time. His producer Rexxieneed to work on himself or get swapped with another producer.

We don tire to dey hear same pattern, same sounds always. Just like his latest single titled,“Idi Oremi” (Opotoyi 2). A complete trash track. Dude was busy singing rubbish with same old sounds. If an upcoming artiste release such track, he won’t get up to 5 downloads.😏

Too much of everything is bad. The Marlian presido “Naira Marley” need to do some adjustments.

Ain’t gonna say much on this though, so that some people won’t misunderstood the intent and context of this publication. Here on NL, we promote artiste and correct their mistakes as hating.

In the post title I said he should ‘start weed farm instead’..that’s actually a joke tho but Naira Marley really need to stop releasing new songs for now and work on his sounds if he really wanna remain relevant for a longer period of time in the music industry. His songs are getting boring and empty with zero creativity everyday by day.

Naira Marley Should Quit Music For Now, Change Producer. DO YOU AGREE?

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