Angry Father Beats Son For Failing After Paying N8 Million As School Fees (Watch Video)

A video has gone viral of an angry dad continuously slapping his son for failing major courses in school while passing music after he paid $21k (N8 million )school fees.

African parents are known for their high level of discipline, scolding when it comes to their children.

In the video, which was probably recorded some years back and recently surfaced online, the angry father is seen slapping the boy for wasting N8m school fees.

The father while slapping him, said:

“I told you this is a scar on your entire life, do you know the reputation this gives you? You can’t read? You are a big boy you can’t read?

”You can’t read, don’t talk to me again’ That’s the result you bring to this house? Look at the result you brought? You idiot!”

The woman probably the mother who was recording the video can be heard begging the angry dad to stop beating the boy.

However, the man did not listen to reason as he replied her saying:

”How can you say I should stop beating him, you know what this means..” while still slapping the boy.

Watch video below:

See the boy’s result below: