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5 Things Burna Boy Is Doing Which Affect His Brand In The Beef With Davido
By on January 8th, 2021. Entertainment

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5 Things Burna Boy Is Doing Which Affect His Brand In The Beef With Davido MP3 Download

Burna Boy And Davido feud has gotten international appreciation and it’s time the “Twice As Tall” album holder put himself together before things gets too late for him.

The beef allegedly began in the autumn of 2019, when Burna Boy was nominated for a Grammy award for Best World Music Album for ‘African Giant’. Glimpses of a fued were not evident yet since Davido congratulated his friend for his nomination.

After fighting lyrically on records with Davido punching with “FEM” and Burna Boy responding with “Way Too Big”, the two has taken their music lyrical beef to physical assaults even outside Nigeria

Their brawl in Ghana few weeks ago was all over the news.

We understand artists beef are allowed in the music industry only if it’s healthy and benefits all.

However, Burna Boy is putting up unnecessary acts which have huge potential to affect his brand in the beef Davido and the “A Better Time” album holder and here are they.

  1. Burna Boy Wants To Keep The Beef

Everything in this beef shows that, Burna Boy does not want to end fighting with Davido who has only been calling for peace between him and Burna Boy.

“FEM” which was claimed to be a diss song was a plain song that Davido used to call on Burna Boy to say he is ready to smoke the peace pipe with him.

In his track ‘FEM’ which is Yoruba slang for ‘shut up’, Davido addresses Burna Boy directly in the line, “Tell Odogwu say we like to party just call me…” – ‘Odogwu’ and ‘Like to Party’ are both names of Burna Boy songs.

You can read FEM Lyrics and acknowlege what the song was actually about.


2 Burna Boy Wants Nigeria Best Artist Title Crown

Burna Boy is drunk in wanting to be given “the best of the best” title among his colleagues in the Nigerian music industry.

Considering that he has earned Grammy Award nomination in 2019, he fast forward did Odogwu, to proclaim himself as the king in the industry, wanting the others to bow before him.

3 Burna Boy Is Proving To Be Bossy

It’s a fact that, Davido and Wizkid had already taken Nigeria Music on their shoulders and exporting it to the global market between 2009 and 2010.

During this era of Nigeria music, few people only knew of Burna Boy even in the country Nigeria.

This has made people who followed the growth of Nigeria music between Davido and Burna Boy to have given credit to Davido as the one who paved way for “Odogwu”.

However, Burna Boy is not ready to accept this but wants to act bossy on Davido.

When Davido announced the release of his new album at the start of May, A Better Time, which was set to arrive in July 2020. Burna Boy posted a black screen with the message, “JULY will be very funny, and I shall laugh accordingly” on social media, suggesting to his fans that he will be ridiculing Davido’s new album.

4: Burana Boy Disrespect Davido’s Hustle

Burna Boy has consistently attributed Davido’s successful career in the music industry to his billionaire father’s influence.

Burna Boy sublime question posted on social media has been interpreted by many to confirm the point raised here that, according to Burna Boy, Davido owes his achievements to his billionaire father. The message still did not mention Davido by name though:

Burana Boy tweeted “you cannot play football, everybody knows you cannot play football and you are an embarrassment to the team. But your daddy bought the football team”

Burna Boy

5.Burna Boy Excessive Bragging

Burna Boy has been the one who keep bragging about being a champoin over Davido.

Fans believe that Burna Boy’s song ‘Way Too Big’ from his August 2020 album ‘Twice as Tall’ was directed at Davido with the lyrics, “I’m way too big to be f***ing with you”. Diss tracks and subtle messages are common in the music world when there is beef and Burna Boy has taken advantage t o jab Davido at all corners possible.

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  1. Anonymous - Jan 8, 2021

    You talking rubbish

  2. Emmanuel regha - Jan 9, 2021

    Make den leave obo alone nor be him fault say them borner with silver spoon

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