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  • Thursday, November 14, 2019

    ALBUM REVIEW!! Zlatan’s “Zanku” Album – A Good Work Or Total Piece Of Trash?

    ALBUM REVIEW!! Zlatan’s “Zanku” Album – A Good Work Or Total Piece Of Trash? 1

    ALBUM REVIEW!! Zlatan’s “Zanku” Album – A Good Work Or Total Piece Of Trash? 2

    Absence Of Confidence + Slut-Shaming Women = Zanku Album

    Just those with music brains will comprehend the science of Zlatan’s Zanku Album called attention to above.

    Sorry to learn, just an artiste with no evident substance to offer will put out this assortment of work.

    In the mean time, it is ideal to try to drop collection after right around two years of shinning in the music business.

    However, in an offer to drop a collection, it out and out bodes well to give the collection a chance to send a positive sign crosswise over to fans.

    You don’t go full scale skank disgracing ladies all for the sake of singing for the road. It shows the amount Zlatan himself needs regard for every Nigerian lady.

    Absence of certainty to last longer in the music business is obvious in numerous Zlatan’s melodies on the “Zanku” Album.

    As a top artiste who accepts such a great amount in his ability, you don’t need to express your dread of tumbling off the radar in your music by tossing shots at conceivable foes to demonstrate a point.

    Tracks On Zanku Album Where Zlatan Expressed Lack Of Confidence

    Wake Up

    When tuning in to the Album just because, you need no music pundit to reveal to you this tune is an ideal beginning up into the collection.

    Zlatan tossed shots at adversaries, talked about his sufferings and battles to the top while additionally expressing gratefulness to God!!

    Love And Gain

    Here Zlatan lost all sense of direction in his goals of recording this track and wound up taking shots at foes in the two sections.


    This is a Tiwa Savage helped track before discharged before the collection and this is no uncertainty another diss track for the individuals who think Zlatan won’t make it to the top.

    Brother, you have to quiet down… Na so your foes bounty reach?


    A missed endeavor to bounce on “Sco dad tu mama na” pattern on Twitter or allows simply state the absence of certainty held him while recording this track.

    Must despite everything you talk about adversaries once more?

    Omo Olope

    Pause, wouldn’t you be able to commend your prosperity without discussing a few adversaries some place.

    Toward the start of this track, I thought Zlatan needed to simply praise his prosperity so far on this sweet beat until I heard, “Ota o ba yo mi oo”.

    Zlatan Disrespected Nigerian Women In “Zanku” Album

    With Zanku Album, it can without much of a stretch be found that Zlatan got no regard for Nigerian ladies. That is the reason Naira Marley will keep on getting monstrous love from female fans while holding down the folks as well.

    On Zanku Album, Zlatan whore disgraced ladies got them various names out of discourtesy.


    This tune shows the level at which Zlatan’s regard for ladies has pressed off.

    “Sunita Olosho India”. No significant substance on this.

    Compulsory  Course

    Zlatan proceeds on his sick person verses talking about the fact that it is so obligatory to eat crafted by “Olosho Girls”.

    Brother!! should every one of your melodies be about ladies slutting around? Maybe, he didn’t get anything’s extremely reasonable to offer.

    Different Songs Worthy Of Mention On The Album

    Super Power

    My main tune on the “Zanku” Album – all gratitude to Yonda 👍👍

    The tune sounds progressively like a gyration melody yet it’s a potential club banger and all of try not to be shocked if this tune proceeded to turn into the greatest tune on the Album.

    Zlatan utilized Davido and Yonda to convey this marvelous track – it’s a jam.


    It was normal that this track will be another huge presentation of another move style however it was dead on appearance regardless of Burna Boy’s push to look bad out of it.

    The coordinated effort was simply a bit much with Zlatan spitting detached lines on the melody.

    Yeye Boyfriend

    In the wake of going on to prostitute disgrace ladies on certain tracks on the collection, Zlatan made a mumu endeavor to make this melody “Yeye Boyfriend” to address the harms yet it just won’t work.

    Just yeye performers do this sort of stuff.


    This is the mother of all melodies on the collection and obviously, it one of the tunes that shot Zlatan to Stardom.

    Despite the fact that the melody was discharged quite a while in the past, regardless it remains Zlatan’s greatest music commitment to the business up until now.

    It’s protected to state this Zanku Album doesn’t totally depict the Zanku vibes true to form.

    This Year

    Another blockhead melody on the collection however got discharged an inappropriate time.

    Nobody would have expected that a melody with solid potential to turn into a number road new year tune would be discharged in May 2019.

    This should be discharged towards the year’s end so it very well may be song of devotion into the new year – a solid petition point however tragically it was discharged in the year and at the present time, it’s no more.


    Any sensible music sweetheart would prefer to dump this collection in the rubbish can from the outset tuning in as it got no substance.

    There is a way you can sing for the road and still not affront the sensibilities of your fans.

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